Playgolf Colchester is more than just a golf course. The revamp at the end of 2007 turned the club’s course into a 6,000-yard, par 70 course. The undulating parkland course features many hazards including a lake and river which come into play on five holes. The course is well guarded by 64 bunkers that have

Exciting times are happening at Playgolf London, with increasing number of visitors enjoying all the facilities. The team have been busy making the site even better for you, with a brand new website, new baseball coach, new passes and even an updated Adventure Golf course (which includes water!). You need to come and have look

European Tour star Robert Rock oversees Leatherhead course renovations Playgolf World recently appointed Robert Rock and James Edwards Golf Design to oversee the course renovations at Leatherhead. The club’s last 2 holes and the original clubhouse were lost when the M25 was built in 1983, but apart from that the general layout has changed little

Golf Academy Psychology

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How Great Golfers Think Between Shots During a normal round of golf, only around 18% of your time is spent actually hitting shots. So what should you be doing for the other 82% of the time? In the 10 plus years that I have been researching and coaching golfers, I have discovered that during a

If you live in an area where the weather is good enough to practice and play all year round, you are one of the fortunate golfers. However, many golfers in the country live in severe winter climates and are unable to go to the driving range or play golf for months. If you are one

Playing in the rain

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5 Top Tips! Get a trolley and a brolly Help keep everything off the ground and nice and dry, a brolly attachment on your trolley also allows you to keep an extra hand free. Keep plenty of spare gloves handy Never throw away an old glove but save them for a rainy day, change your